Teeth Whitening

Professional Dental Bleaching in Beverly Hills, CA for a Dazzling Smile

Daily life can be rough on your teeth. Even if you are not a smoker, food and drinks add stains to your teeth every day. Coffee, red wine, and tea are widely known to be problematic, but even “normal” foods like berries can contribute to teeth staining. In fact, some medications may even cause yellowing and discoloration of your teeth.

Stained teeth are more than just unattractive; they can make you appear older. But over-the-counter whitening products can be frustrating, promising results that they do not deliver. Patients often find that they have better luck with professional whitening treatments.

At Advanced Dental Care of Beverly Hills, Dr. Hakim has whitening answers available only to dentists. These treatments can help lighten even the most stubborn stains, making your teeth noticeably brighter. Also, Dr. Hakim is always ready to talk with you about various whitening options, the best ways to preserve your new, whiter teeth, and optimal dietary habits to avoid tooth stains in the first place.

Dr. Hakim has received special training in cosmetic dentistry, and he loves to put that education and experience to use for his patients. Don’t hesitate to call Advanced Dental Care of Beverly Hills right away at (310) 657-2000 to book an appointment or learn more about our cosmetic dentistry offerings.