Teeth Whitening for Life

View from our Beverly Hills dental office

A Bonus from Advanced Dental Care of Beverly Hills – Keeping Patients’ Teeth White in Beverly Hills, CA

You know that your regular cleanings at Advanced Dental Care of Beverly Hills are essential for your oral health by preventing decay and heading off potential problems. But even the best dental cleaning does not noticeably whiten stained or yellowed teeth.

Dr. Hakim wants you to completely enjoy your smile by allowing you to delight in good dental health AND the appearance of your teeth. So we have instituted our Whitening for Life program.

With this program, our patients will receive a bonus tube of whitening gel after each dental cleaning if they follow recommended treatments and refrain from missing any checkup and cleaning appointments. You can use this gel at home and at your convenience to keep your smile looking bright and beautiful.

Teeth stains build up every day, and avoiding common offenders like tobacco, coffee, and tea will not keep you completely stain-free. So teeth whitening is an on-going process. Our program will help keep stains to a minimum while taking some stress off your wallet.

Naturally, Dr. Hakim is always willing to chat with his patients about the best strategies for teeth whitening, foods to avoid, and any other aspect of your dental health. Don’t forget to make your cleaning appointment by calling us at (310) 657-2000 to be sure to receive your complimentary whitening gel.