Sedation Dentistry

We Have Sedation and Sleep Dentistry Options Available!

Although we strive to create a relaxing environment at Advanced Dental Care of Beverly Hills, we understand that many patients are anxious about dental visits. This is especially true for procedures like cavity fillings and root canals. So we do everything in our power to make you comfortable, including offering sedation options.

Dr. Hakim makes nitrous oxide available to our patients. More commonly called laughing gas, this is a mild anesthetic that helps you to relax and relieves anxiety. Dentists have long used nitrous oxide as it is quite safe and easily reversed simply by breathing normal room air.

Additionally, Dr. Hakim can prescribe oral sedation that will allow you to relax and even sleep through your dental treatment. You take the medication shortly before your appointment, and you will have no anxiety or memory of the dental procedure. While you will not be able to drive yourself before or after your visit, oral sedation is extremely useful for those that suffer from dental anxiety.

Our team is completely non-judgemental and fully understanding of trepidations surrounding dental treatments. To learn more or to schedule sedation dentistry, please call (310) 657-2000 now.