Sealants – Patients in Beverly Hills, CA Can Help Protect Their Teeth with This Simple Measure

If you’re a regular flosser, you know how hard it can be to reach those back teeth. These teeth – your molars – are quite susceptible to cavities and severe decay because of their inconvenient position. This vulnerability is especially true for kids, as children tend to love sweets and may not be as dedicated in their daily brushing and flossing as adults. Tooth decay may cause pain, infection, tooth loss, and a host of other problems for your child.

Sealants can give both kids and adults the extra dental protection they need. They are thin polymer coatings that cover the chewing surfaces of your molars, where food tends to become lodged. Children should receive sealants at around seven years of age, but this preventative dentistry option is also appropriate for older patients.

Dr. Hakim of Advanced Dental Care of Beverly Hills provides sealants in a brief process that requires no drilling, surgery, or needles. These sealants are durable and can easily last for years.

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