Root Canal Therapy

Emergency Root Canals Available in Beverly Hills, CA

Dental pain can be surprisingly severe. In fact, many patients do not realize just how excruciating an infected tooth can be, and patients understandably want quick relief in such a situation.

This is one reason why Dr. Hakim offers root canals on an emergency basis. Not only does he want to help you feel better fast, but a root canal can additionally prevent the spread of infection and keep you from losing an infected tooth.

During a root canal, Dr. Hakim extracts the infected pulp – the living tissue inside your tooth – and cleans the canal thoroughly. He will then usually apply a cap to your teeth for both reinforcement and aesthetics. This process can save a tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted.

At Advanced Dental Care of Beverly Hills, we understand that a root canal may sound painful, but this is not the case since we skillfully use anesthetic for pain control. In fact, a root canal can stop the severe pain from an infected tooth by removing the source of the infection as well as the inflamed nerves inside the tooth.

Don’t continue in agony. If you’re suffering from tooth pain, please contact us right away at (310) 657-2000.