Advanced Dental Care Program

No Dental Insurance? In Beverly Hills, CA That’s Not a Problem

DIscount Membership ProgramA large portion of the American population does not have dental insurance. Unfortunately, this widespread lack of insurance can lead patients to neglect professional dental care. Putting off necessary care can lead to disease, infection, and tooth loss. The bills to deal with these serious issues are even larger than preventative care bills, so the financial problems continue to snowball.

At Advanced Dental Care of Beverly Hills, we understand that paying for dental care all at once may not fit your family’s budget. To address payment obstacles, Dr. Hakim and his team have decided to offer the Advanced Dental Care Program. The Program will make it much easier for families and individuals to afford crucial dental care and obtain the beautiful smiles they want.

With our Program, you pay a small monthly fee rather than a large chunk when you receive dental services. Think of it like a membership club. Instead of paying for an entire year’s service at once – which would put a strain on your budget – you simply make smaller, more manageable payments each month AND receive a loyalty discount!

So what does your monthly payment cover? A lot!

  • You will have access to two to four professional cleanings and examinations by Dr. Hakim each year.
  • Also, you’ll receive necessary x-rays and emergency exams.
  • You’ll even benefit from deep discounts on other services like restoration dentistry and cosmetic procedures.
  • And since the Program is not insurance, there are no waiting periods, denials, coverage maximums, or red tape.

Quality dental care for you and your family is within your reach financially. Just dial Advanced Dental Care of Beverly Hills at (310) 657-2000, and we will be happy to provide you with more information.