Invisalign – The Aesthetic Way to Straighten Your Teeth in Beverly Hills, CA

Invisalign ProviderMetal braces are effective for straightening teeth, but they have several drawbacks. For one, the wires and brackets often scratch your gums and lips. They also make it difficult to brush, floss, and eat certain foods. Most of all, traditional braces are highly noticeable and may make you hesitant to show your smile.

Fortunately, we have the answer at Advanced Dental Care of Beverly Hills. Invisalign is a desirable alternative to old-fashioned braces in many ways. For example, Invisalign:

  • Is totally transparent, so no one sees it when you’re wearing Invisalign.
  • Contains no metal parts to injure your mouth.
  • Is completely removable for eating, oral hygiene, and playing sports.

One of the points of orthodontic correction is to provide you with more self-confidence by giving you a straight, symmetrical smile. Metal braces defeat this purpose if you are stuck in an unattractive set of brackets and wires for over a year. Instead, Dr. Hakim can help both teens and adults with Invisalign aligners.

You receive a new aligner every couple of weeks, and these aligners gradually advance your teeth into the correct position. Patients generally find the Invisalign system to be more comfortable than traditional braces, and there is no question that Invisalign makes for discreet orthodontic correction.

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