Fluoride Treatments

Beverly Hills, CA Fluoride Treatments

It is a simple fact that fluoride is necessary for healthy teeth. Not only does fluoride strengthen the teeth, helping them to resist decay, but fluoride ions can also help repair microscopic amounts of damage already incurred. Fluoride treatments can also help relieve tooth sensitivity. Finally, fluoride treatments aid in protecting against the harmful effects of dry mouth caused by many common medications.

The city of Beverly Hills does add fluoride to our water, but many patients regularly drink bottled water which contains no fluoride. Even if you do routinely drink tap water, the amount of fluoride is not sufficient to adequately protect your teeth. However, treatments with the professional-strength fluoride we use at Advanced Dental Care of Beverly Hills can help you avoid tooth decay.

These treatments from Dr. Hakim are quick and absolutely comfortable. Best of all, they are appropriate for both children and adults. Call us today at (310) 657-2000 for further information and to schedule a professional fluoride treatment. It is an excellent step in preventative dental care.