Exams and Cleanings

We Keep Teeth Clean and Healthy in Beverly Hills, CA

You’ve probably had a routine professional dental cleaning before, but there is more going on during this treatment than just a good scrubbing of your teeth. First of all, at Advanced Dental Care of Beverly Hills, we use our experience and instruments to make sure we thoroughly clean your teeth, getting into spaces that are almost impossible to reach with floss and a toothbrush.

Also, Dr. Hakim takes the time to give your mouth a complete examination. This exam includes visual inspection and dental x-rays if necessary, but it also encompasses the following:

  • A risk assessment for cavities based on age, lifestyle, and other factors. Catching spots of decay early can help prevent pain and large bills in the future.
  • Examination of the gingival tissue, better known as your gums. A significant portion of adults have gum disease, and gum disease can be more problematic than tooth decay.
  • An opportunity for Dr. Hakim to look for signs of teeth grinding as well as problems with your jaw joints, also called the temporomandibular joints (TMJ).
  • A screen for oral cancer. Oral cancer can strike anyone, even those who do not use tobacco and is the sixth most common type of cancer. Like other forms of cancer, oral cancer may spread throughout the body. Oral cancer has a 75% survival rate if caught early, versus a 20% rate if detected late.

Remember, you should visit us at least every six months to ensure your continued dental and overall health. Make your appointment today by calling (310) 657-2000.