Dental Bridges

Quality Tooth Bridges for the Beverly Hills, CA Area

If you have lost a single tooth or just a few teeth, you have several options for replacement in West Los Angeles. However, one quick and attractive choice is a dental bridge. Bridges are permanent devices that anchor to your remaining natural teeth. A bridge provides an artificial tooth to fill in the gap left by your absent tooth.

So why not just leave the space empty? First off, a missing tooth is just plain unattractive – even if located in the back of your mouth. More importantly, leaving an empty space in your mouth can result in big trouble as your other teeth are slowly pushed out of alignment. You need to fill this space with a dental implant or bridge.

The modern bridges provided by Dr. Hakim at Advanced Dental Care of Beverly Hills are attractive and barely noticeable. Dr. Hakim has received intensive training in dental aesthetics and dental restoration, and he is always happy to listen to your concerns and desires. His quest for perfection in dentistry means that he works hard to provide the best in bridges and other reconstructive dental options for you.

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