Arestin Treatment

Arestin to Fight Gum Disease in Beverly Hills, CA

Like tooth decay, gum disease is caused by bacteria. Your mouth is full of bacteria, some helpful and some harmful. The harmful bacteria tend to feed on sugars from everyday food and multiply, not only on the surfaces of your teeth but also in your gums. There, they compromise your gums, causing your gums to recede and deep pockets to form in your gum tissue.

Left unchecked, gum disease can eventually cause tooth loss and infections that threaten your total health. A scaling and root planing treatment is often an excellent method of addressing gum disease, but sometimes you need more. At Advanced Dental Care of Beverly Hills, Dr. Hakim may use Arestin to help fight gum infections.

Arestin is tiny microspheres containing antibiotics. Applied directly into gum pockets, these microspheres stick to the gum tissue and slowly release minocycline, an effective antibiotic. Research has demonstrated that Arestin can help produce positive results in as little as a single month.

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